who are we

About Us

Mezzan United Trading Company has been serving the Saudi market since 2019, by providing professional eye care solutions. Established in 2019, the Eastern Province-based company offers its customers market leading eyewear testing equipment, highly trained employees, and a wide range of stylish, original international eyewear brands.

our vision

To be the leading provider in the optics market, always at the forefront of innovation for decades to come, thus ensuring optimum care for our customers, while selecting the latest fashionable eyewear, whether from our luxury brand or from world-class designers.

our mission

Providing focused, dedicated, individualized customer service to all clients that meets their needs and requirements year after year after year.

Our motto

“We are all part of this tree.”

زائر 3 months ago
هل نظارات الماركات اصلية او تقليد هاي كواليتي او درجة اولى ؟
Tree Optics 3 months ago
جميع الماركات أصلية 100٪؜ ولايوجد لدينا تقليد او درجات